Locking the Door from a Distance: Smart Locks Have Arrived

Locking the Door from a Distance: Smart Locks Have Arrived

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At one time, many homeowners hid keys under rocks in their flower beds in case they got locked out. This works, but is clearly not the most secure option. Other homeowners naturally preferred the more secure method of calling an emergency locksmith if they got locked out of their home. It was just a matter of time before something came along to defeat the trusty old key hidden under a rock. That time has arrived.Locking the Door from a Distance: Smart Locks Have Arrived

Smart locks allow homeowners to eliminate that very insecure yet common option of placing a spare key under something. Smart locks permit a range of handy applications, all controlled from a panel inside the home and out. In fact, many smart locks permit homeowners to control the locks on their home using a smart phone. 

Leading the charge in the development of smart locks have been real estate agencies which can program the locks such that their agents can access any listed home using their phone. This is far more secure than the old lockbox on the door.

What Are Some of the Best Features of Smart Locks?

Most smart locks integrate well with existing residential locks hardware such as cylinder locks and deadbolts. Most brands offer both keyed and keyless entry systems and when keyed entry is included, most use high security door lock systems. This means that the keyway and hardware within are as tamper resistant as possible and made of durable components. The only real difference between the keyed and keyless systems is that with the keyed system, a key can be used instead of the code if desired.

Another great feature of smart locks is that in most cases, an app is available for phones and/or PCs. These apps permit homeowners to control the locks from a remote location. This can be very useful at times. For instance, if the home needs to be opened for a brief time while away, the person needing entry simply calls, the homeowner unlocks the door and when they leave, the door can be remotely locked back. 

Using the smart lock app, a homeowner can set the system for push notifications. In many cases, these can be email or text or both. Tamper alerts, touchpads, guest access, and voice activation are available on many, though not all. Voice activation is especially useful for those times when hands are full. Simply command the door to unlock and the smart lock recognizes your voice, and then unlocks the door. 

Another nice feature in many smart locks is the ability to maintain and check a log account of access. In this way, a homeowner can know when the home has been accessed at any given moment. 

Although there are numerous smart locks available today, one of the best is built by Schlage. Schlage uses the Apple Home kit and the units are Bluetooth capable.

Of course, if there is ever a problem with the smart lock, simply call your locksmith service. Most already know how to gain access if needed.

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