Learn proven effective tips and tricks from our locksmith professionals for maintaining locks and for your general security

Are you always facing the dilemma of lock out emergencies? Do you keep misplacing your keys and even losing them? Are you wondering if you need new locks? Learn about your options to solve these issues and more, following these informative tips on this page.

How to baby proof drawers

You will only see drawers as one cause of danger when you already have a child. You will realize this once you started caring for kids because you normally use them to hide dangerous objects like poisonous substances or knives. You can use magnetic locks with hardware locking mechanism that can be opened using magnetic locks to avoid hazards that might harm your youngsters.

Advanced types of car key security

It’s not uncommon that car owners experience locking they keys in their vehicles. And if you want to modernize your car security features, our professionals will advise you to use transponder keys which transmit information to the car computer. This may result to the betterment of safety and security of your investment, avoiding lockout situations.

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