Accident Story - Go Rob Elsewhere

Accident Story - Go Rob Elsewhere

Our locksmiths are familiar with all home locks, work 24/7 and offer fast response break-in repair

There is no doubt that home intrusions would scare even the bravest. I don't know if we are mostly scared that someone would hurt us or that we fear the unknown and having someone going through our personal stuff. Anyway, I guess everyone feels the same more or less, especially those who have had an experience similar to mine. My case was nothing out of the ordinary. One day we just came home and found the security door locks broken. The door wasn't wide open and so I couldn't really tell what had happened. When I got closer though, I realized that the door was open and could see the mess inside the house. I started calling my husband (who was still in the car) for help, and he called the police and Locksmith Northfield.

In a few minutes, our house was crowded

Not a nice picture! I was still shaking and thankfully the locksmith company had sent a really nice guy who had patience and experience in such situations. He changed the broken locks and asked us if we were alright with him checking out the other locks of the house. My husband thought it would be an exaggeration and told him there was no need (big mistake). The tech couldn't do anything more. He was really great though - he showed up minutes after we called and did his job nicely and as discreetly as he could.

Two nights later, my husband and I were talking about the incident with some friends we met for dinner and my husband made the smart remark: “I guess it was our turn to have our home burgled; now we are done and over with it!” Hmm, not true! The minute we arrived at home, I told Bill (my husband) to call the police and the same locksmith again. I said: “Bill, our home has been burgled AGAIN!”

We didn't approach the house till it was crowded once again. This time, the burglar had broken in from the rear window and it could quite possibly have been the same guy. If only we had let the locksmith check the other windows and door locks in the first place we might have avoided the second intrusion. At least it was a good thing that we now knew we could trust this company and the technicians' quick response and experience! My husband promised never to say anything again and I kept the number of this lock repair team.

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