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Our commercial locksmith services are tailored to the customer's requirements, using only high quality brands and products.


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As a business owner, you know how important security is. From the small things like proper cabinet locks to keep your documents safe, to door closers and hidden safes – businesses have various security needs. We at "Locksmith Northfield" can assure you that our services can cover any of your business security needs.

Professional Lock and Key Solutions for Your Business

Commercial LocksmithDifferent commercial properties have different security needs, and different problems. One problem that is common to almost all is office lockout. This is indeed an unpleasant situation, not to mention unsafe to say the least. In case you own a store, and the key broke inside the lock before you opened the business – it can cost you more than just the repair, as you will open late. In such cases, you can readily count on our fast emergency locksmith service! We will extract the broken key without damaging the lock, and have a new key made for you on the spot.

You can count on us not only in emergencies, but for consultations and upgrades. For example, if you plan on a new safe installation, or repair your cabinet locks to keep discreet documents hidden and safe – all you need to do is set an appointment and we will be there on the time most suitable for you and your business' needs.

So, you can see that no matter how much our customers expect from us, our expectations of ourselves is higher still.  No cutting corners, no wasting time, no less than perfect installations/service, and quality products.  All these things have played together for many years making us the successful, respected commercial locksmith service company we are today.

However, we can’t help today if you don’t call today and let us fix the problems or projects keeping you awake at night.  We’re just a phone call away! Call Locksmith Northfield or browse our website, we are always at your service!

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